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Life Groups

(Cultivate deeper relationships among believers)

Life is not meant to be lived alone. God created humans with a desire for companionship and friendship. Life Groups meet weekly and consist of 5-10 people per group. Each Life Group meets in the home of a church attender to and share a meal together and encourage one another through a deeper study of the past Sunday’s message. Sign up for a Life Group based upon your best available weekday. Our team will place you in a group that corresponds with your childcare needs, location, and group availability.

Discipleship Groups

(Grow deeper in your faith)

Are you new to the Christian faith? Perhaps you want to dive deeper into a particular subject regarding theology or just life in general? Are you looking for ways to connect with other people facing your same situations? Discipleship groups are designed to help individuals grow deeper in their faith and build community among people in their same situation.

Mission Groups

(Love Thy Neighbor)

Mission Groups are designed to serve our community, cultivate relationships, and ultimately share the love of Jesus to our neighbor. Mission Groups are constantly developing as we seek new ways to reach people with the hope of Jesus. Be sure to join a mission group today and show the love of Jesus!