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Our Mission

Why do we exist?

The Chapel of Chapel Hill exists for the purpose of sharing the hope of Jesus with individuals, the community, and the world. Our community is Chapel Hill, North Carolina. But not only do we focus on the community where we live, we also develop strategic partnerships to help spread the hope of Jesus across the globe. We are not about the “Kingdom of The Chapel”, but the “Kingdom of Jesus Christ”.

The Bible gives the church clear commands regarding their function within society. In Matthew 28 Jesus commands the disciples to “go” into their communities and share the hope that only Jesus has to offer. In Acts 2, the actions of the church are modeled through the example of the new church in Jerusalem. The people gathered together and prayed, fellowshipped, and served one another. As we follow the Biblical example of a church, we accomplish God’s mission for the church through three foundational principles:


The Bible says in Acts 2:42 that the new believers continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. In keeping with this model, The Chapel has two main gatherings throughout the week. The Sunday morning gathering is a gathering of all people within the local church. Life Groups are smaller, more intimate gatherings that occur throughout the week. Each gathering is a time of encouragement, food, prayer, and Bible Study.


Jesus commands the church in Matthew 22:37-40 to “love God and to love his neighbor”. The main way we follow this command is by serving God and serving one another. There is no place for “idle worshippers” within the church. We all have a mission to love God and to love one another. One of the ways we accomplish this mission is by serving within the church. Joining the church “dream team” is a perfect way to begin serving at The Chapel.


Jesus commands the church in Matthew 28:19 to go therefore and make disciples of all the nations. The hope of Jesus is the greatest message that mankind could ever hear. It is our job as the church to share this hope with those that we come in contact with. In addition to our individual responsibility, The Chapel holds special events throughout the year designed to connect with people and share the hope that only Jesus offers.