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What to Expect

You are Welcome Here…

Jesus loves and cares for everyone regardless of their background, race, social status, political views, or past choices. We feel the same way here at “The Chapel.” Don’t let the presupposition of church keep you from giving us a visit. Just like Jesus welcomes everyone, our church is open and welcome for everyone. To help make planning your visit a bit easier, check out the steps below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big is the Church? Even though our desire is to reach all that we come in contact, we believe that community happens in smaller groups. Part of our model here at The Chapel is to keep the congregation between 100-150 people. As we continue to grow, we desire to plant other “Chapels” in the surrounding community. So you can expect anywhere between 60-100 people at our Chapel Hill location on any given Sunday.

What do I Wear? The last thing we desire is for someone to feel uncomfortable at church based upon their attire. All are welcome to attend wearing what they feel comfortable. Most of our congregants and leaders wear “business casual” to our Sunday morning gatherings.

Is there something for my kids? Yes! The Chapel provides childcare in a safe atmosphere for all kids 0-2 years old. All kids 3yrs-3rd join their families for the singing portion of the service. Before the offering, all children 3yrs-3rd grade are dismissed to attend “Kid’s Club”. Be sure to register your children at the guest services table upon entering the building. For more information about our Kid’s ministry, click here.

Is there a Teen Ministry? Yes! We offer a teen group for all kids 12 (or 6th grade)-18 yrs (or high-school Senior). Youth Group meets every Wednesday evening at one of our host family homes. For more information about our teen ministry, click here.

What is the method of your preaching? Here at The Chapel, we practice expository preaching. Expository preaching is the process of examining each verse as it falls within the proper context. Our Sunday preaching series consist of going through certain books of the Bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse.

What do you believe? The summary of our beliefs can be summed up by what is referred to as “The Five Solas”. We believe…

  • In the Scriptures alone as our full and complete instruction from God.
  • In faith alone in Christ alone as the means for our salvation.
  • In salvation offered by the grace of God alone and not obtained by the works of man or the means of another.
  • In living and serving for the glory of God alone.

What are the demographics of the church? The demographics of The Chapel are reflective of the community. The Chapel consists of a community of people from all different social and cultural backgrounds comprised of many different ages.

What ministries do you offer? The Chapel offers a variety of different ministries design to meet the spiritual needs of our people. From kid’s ministries to men’s and women’s ministries, The Chapel is constantly looking for different means to effectively serve the people. To see our complete list of current ministries, be sure to visit the “ministries” tab located on the menu at the top of the website.

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